The author

Tom H Cooper

… is an electrical engineer, amateur nature photographer, former jazz musician and keen outdoorsman.

For more than three decades, he has held IT, management and senior expert positions in a strategic energy company. He specialises in industrial supervisory control and data acquisition systems and process control. For 5 years he was involved in an EU energy working group.

Since 1997, he had visited the USA several times in connection with his work, and since 2002, he has been visiting systematically the national and state parks of the West Coast as a private citizen.

He shares his travels and experiences in his first book (VADNYUGAT 2020) and, inspired by the reception of the stories in it, has written a second book of short stories and short fiction (CÉLKERESZT 2021).

He says that for him, the best mornings are those when the rising sun finds him on one of the dusty hiking trails of The Grand Circle. Both works have been privately published by the author in Hungary.


When you touch this book, it becomes your faithful companion, holding your hand and guiding you through the most beautiful natural wonders of the region of North America once known as the Wild West, exploring the scenery from a whole new perspective. Wide-ranging memories come to life and make you feel :

 this book is closer to you than you ever imagined!

The Southwestern states of the United States of America are home to some of the most colourful and richly-formed natural formations in the world. For generations, this remote corner of the world, despite its unspoilt beauty, has been associated with only one word – the Wild West.
Nearly two decades of travel, ~60,000 miles on 14 state roads. An inexhaustible repository of memories, short and long stories, and tens of thousands of photographs form the basis of this work
This is a first volume of a series of WILD WEST.